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The APLS Recertification Course is:

  • Much less costly than a full APLS course.
  • Less time consuming than a full APLS Course, as it only takes 1 day of face-to-face training time to complete (rather than 2 days for the full APLS course).

However, applicants should bear in mind that:

  • If they do not successfully complete the recertification course, they will need to do the full APLS course to obtain an APLS Provider Certificate.
  • They cannot be selected as potential instructors(IP) on a recertification course.  They will need to do a full APLS course if they would like to be considered for instructorship.


All candidates must have completed an APLS course before and be no more than 6 months out of date*.  Please note: The recertification course is testing the retention of the APLS content and is not a teaching course for those whose knowledge and skills have lapsed.

All candidates MUST have completed the APLS pre-course on-line preparation component (VLE) and achieved 4 correct answers in each assessment BEFORE the recertification course.  Any candidates who have not completed the VLE component will not be allowed to obtain a completion certificate even if they subsequently complete the VLE component at a later date; they will only ever be eligible to receive an observer certificate, there will be no exceptions to this ruling.

*Recertification amnesty: ALSG has issued a ‘recertification amnesty’ for lapsed providers who fulfil certain criteria.  To be eligible for the amnesty, potential candidates must be practicing APLS regularly and currently working in the following roles:

  • On-call general paediatrics
  • Paediatric intensive care
  • Paediatric anaesthesia
  • General or paediatric emergency department

Please note: Based on the eligibility criteria listed above, if you are not eligible to apply for this course and yet you still do so, you may lose your non-refundable booking deposit.


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Advanced Paediatric Life Support
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